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comportamento_caneSiamo presenti su Vacanzeanimali.it

Villaggio Rocca di Vadaro

On holiday with your pet in our Resort? YOU CAN!

Our Resort is built up on a surface of 5.000 mq, a green oasis where we look after the environment  and recycle trash, use solar and photovoltaic panels.
It’s an ideal place to enjoy your holiday with your pet.

  • We accept all sizes of pets.
  • We provide apartment properly set up for pets with a big veranda on the ground floor and a peaceful environment.
  • The beach is accessible with your pet at certain times and at the cooler time of the day.



⭕️ Lo sapevi che.....puoi risparmiare 💡⭕️ Siamo proprietari del Residence Costa Real sempre a Capo Vaticano e stiamo applicando 🎁 sconti fino al 50% 👈

Scopri anche il Costa Real a 800 metri dal mare, una convenienza mai Vista.