Holiday with your partner


Rocca di Vadaro resort: a unique holiday with your partner.

  • For couples Rocca di Vadaro resort offers amazing one room apartments with a breath-taking sea view, fully furnished and with all amenities needed, elevator, led TV, telephone, kitchen, and bathroom with a cabin shower.


  • Bed and Breakfast allows you and your partner to enjoy a holiday where relax and comfort are priorities.
  • Romantic whirlpool Jacuzzi with a sea view.
  • Our beach service allows you to get 1 umbrella and two beach loungers.



  • Our restaurant offers romantic dinners on a stunning panoramic terrace.
  • The #SUNSETTHERAPY  is a magic moment of the day when you can enjoy an incredible view of the sunset with Stromboli lounge music, special drinks and finger food.



  • We are located not far from famous touristic destinations such as Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Eolian Island and the famous Bronzi di Riace.

⭕️ Lo sapevi che.....puoi risparmiare 💡⭕️ Siamo proprietari del Residence Costa Real sempre a Capo Vaticano e stiamo applicando 🎁 sconti fino al 50% 👈

Scopri anche il Costa Real a 800 metri dal mare, una convenienza mai Vista.

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